This Talking Parrot Is Asked To Sing. But What He Did Next? You’ll Have To Watch To Believe It!

Parrots are intelligent and have the incredible skill of mimicking natural sounds, even human language. This video below features one of the recently famous parrot and his name is Einstein. He is a cute little Congo African Grey parrot and you won’t believe what he is able to do. Even though he may look like a star, according to his owner, he is definitely not the ‘Einstein the parrot’ who was featured in the Animal Planets’ Animal Stars.

In the clip below Einstein enthralls the world with his special talent of singing. According to his owner, Einstein loves singing, especially when his owner prepares him a stage, lights, camera and of course background music. In the clip, we see him singing “Singing in the Rain” and this is his original version too!

Isn’t he just adorable? Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us via comments below!

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