He Gives That Monkey An Egg. But I NEVER Expected The Monkey To Give Him THAT In Return!

Monkeys are often portrayed as sneaky little thieves in mainstream media and movies. Well… they are not wrong to do so! In most of the countries, tourists are often warned about pickpockets. However, in this video below we see a group of ‘gangster’ monkeys who are earning their food with the help of ‘pickpocketing’.

According to the English naturalist, Chris Pakham, these monkeys in the video below are the sneakiest animals on earth. He collaborated with BBC to show the true cleverness of the monkeys. These monkeys in the following video do not steal food, as most of you might have guessed at first. Instead, they steal our most valuable belongings like electronics, sunglasses, hats and even flip-flops. Well obviously they do not how to use them, but in reality they want us to exchange these valuable things with foods.

Watch what Chris does to prove his point. Did you see that coming? Share your thoughts via comments!

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