Dad Records His Snoring Dog. But The Pooch’s Response After Listening To Himself? I’m Cracking Up

Only a few people know what it is like to get disturbed because of a snorer. You can’t get your precious sleep and wake up the next day feeling tired and sore. What’s even worse is that the person who snores is oblivious to all that happens. This comedian in the video below has come up with a brilliant idea to silence a snorer.

Tal Solomon doesn’t get enough sleep because of his Cavalier King Charles spaniel. So one day, Tal comes up with the perfect solution to let his dog know what it’s like to get disturbed from one’s sleep. He films the snoring pooch and replays the recording while the dog’s asleep. The dog wakes up all confused and reacts in the funniest way possible.

Watch the video below. Did it crack you up? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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