Mama Donkey Gives Birth To EXTREMELY Rare Twins. But When THIS Happens, I’m Speechless!

When Tulip the eight year old donkey from a farm in Kerry, Ireland got pregnant, her owner Cormac Williams thought it was a normal pregnancy. However, on the day of the delivery, something unbelievable happened. Cormac went to check on Tulip one evening and found not just one but two healthy baby donkeys with Tulip.

As twins are very rare in donkeys, only few pairs are currently known on the entire planet, Cormac was quite surprised to see the twin donkeys on his farm. Tulip had already given birth to other donkeys before but it is the first time that she has given birth to twins. Cormac named them Snow and Flakes, and as Tulip they will spend rest of their peaceful life in Cormac’s farm.

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