Principal Was Caught Doing THIS When He Was Alone At School. This Left Me In Stitches!

42 year old Sean Martin, the principal of Waterloo Elementary School in Maryland maybe the coolest principal ever! When everyone else was on a break due to the recent winter storm Jonas, Sean Martin had a whole different plan. He had to come to the school but what he did when didn’t have anything else to do inside? You won’t see this coming!

Sean Martin went on to make a legendary viral video. He went to the school, fixed up a camera and started to have fun inside the school. He didn’t spare any place in the school to have fun. At one time he was caught by school’s janitor and was made to clean the hallway. He thought his staffs and community would appreciate a lighthearted perspective about what goes on in school during snow days, but he never expected the clip to go viral.

Watch this funny video below. What do you think about this principal? Let us through your comments!

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