Nervous Soldier Waits To Reunite With Military Dog, Then Turns Around To Find Her Running To Him

Have you ever heard of an animal that has got a bounty on its head?  If not, you are in for a surprise. Here’s the story of Taylor- a yellow Labrador that has served her country in two different deployments.  She was exceptional at detecting bombs and has saved a lot of lives. For this reason she received a bounty on her head from the Taliban. During her time at the military, she was incredibly fond of Sgt. Tom Hanson. But unfortunately, was separated from him after his retirement.

Dogs in military are as a rule put up for adoption after their retirement. However, failure seems more likely as these processes are very costly. But luckily, Molli Oliver at her own expense has been flying these retired military dogs to the home of the soldiers they worked with. This flight attendant has been doing everything she can to reunite these dogs with their soldiers.This video features one of these heart melting reunions.

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