Man born without any arms or legs leaves millions in tears with a heartrending song

This video below is the music video featuring one of the most inspirational personality of 21st century; Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic. He is an Australian Christian evangelist and a motivational speaker who was born with a rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome. Because of this condition, he was left with no arms and legs. Frustrated Nick once tried to kill himself at the age of 10. But then he accepted the life as it is and decided to motivate people all around the world who are depressed of their lives.

In the following video, Nick sings a very heartrending song “Something More”. It was originally sung by Tyrone Wells. The beautiful lyrics and the soothing music will surely tug your heartstring. Furthermore, the heartbreaking video will no doubt fill your eyes with tears.

Watch this beautiful music video below. What do you think about it? Write us back in the comments section below!

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