73 Yr Old Disabled Elephant Was Finally Rescued & Set Free. Now Watch Out For Her Response—AWW!

Animals need to be treated with respect and dignity just like people. They might not be able to voice their thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. The elephant in the following video, Sook-Jai, had lived a really hard life. She had worked in harsh conditions for many years. Eventually, she turned blind and deaf. Things were looking bad for her, but thankfully she was saved.

This video shows how she was rescued. She was taken away in a truck, far from her place of suffering. The long journey was making on her old body strain. It was really hot and humid, so rescuers had to keep splashing water to cool her off. They tried to make her eat to keep her energy up, but she was too tired to do that. When they finally reached their destination, Sook-Jai was completely elated. Look how happy she was to be free!

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