Simon & Garfunkel Sang THIS Song In 1966. 50 Years Later? I’m Still Covered In Goosebumps!

I’ve always loved Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s work. This duo from 1960s are one of the most renowned pair who played alongside some other famous bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan. Throughout their music career, this duo has been able to provide a lot of mesmerizing songs to the world. However, one of their most renowned and praised works is “The Sound Of Silence”.

Just 4 years before their split, Simon and Garfunkel gave their groundbreaking performance in a live TV show called “Let’s Sing Out”. This video below is a clip from that show where they sang “The Sound Of Silence”. This show was recorded in February 17, 1966. Despite this duo’s differences, we can see their closeness while their performance.

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