This Dog Was Paralyzed For All His Life. Now Watch Him Do THIS When Mom Fix Him Up With Braces!

Westcoast Brace and Limb has been making prosthetic limbs and braces for years now. They have helped a lot of people, from children to veterans through their custom made limbs. However, they had never been asked to make limbs for a dog before. It is the first time they are trying to help a dog and they are very excited for it.

Spencer, the dog in the video below had paralyzed legs since he was born. His owners, Heinz family found him on their front door and since, Spencer has lived with them. Everything was normal for Spencer except that he had to depend on his owner to go somewhere. However, today Spencer is getting his brand new legs with green slippers. How he reacts when he know he can finally walk on his own? Watch it yourself!

Watch this heartrending video below and share your thoughts with us through the comments!

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