Dog Spots A Squirrel From The Car. Now Watch Out For His Hysterical Reaction!

Dogs are always chasing around things; be it a living thing or non-living things like toys. Most of the dogs love to chase after cats and birds, however not this little guy in the video below. He really loves to chase around squirrel but what he does when he sees one but can’t chase it? His reaction is hysterical!

Poor Rocco, the dog featured in the video below, couldn’t chase his favorite animal, squirrel around because he is inside the car. Mom and dad wouldn’t let him outside and he starts giving his owners an earful. According to mom, Rocco always reacts like this whenever he sees a squirrel and they like to call it “Squirrel Song”.

Isn’t that adorable? Watch this video below and let us know your thoughts int eh comments!

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