Sly Squirrel Kept Stealing From The Birdfeeder. What They Did In Response? This Is BRILLIANT!

Many people put out bird feeders and bird baths in their backyards. It is a nice way to observe birds up close, while keeping them fed and happy at the same time. But sometimes, uninvited guests try to take advantage of this. For instance, squirrels and chipmunks tend to steal food from bird feeders to fill their own tummy.

The following video shows an incredible solution to this problem. A slinky was set up around the pole on which the bird feeder was resting. When a sly squirrel tried to get to the food, the slinky did its job. It would stretch every time the squirrel tried to get on it, taking him straight to the ground. It is really amusing and hilarious to watch the squirrel try on and on!

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