State Troopers Pay ‘Grease’ A Tribute With This Awesome Lip Sync of “Summer Nights”

The Police aren’t exactly famous for their sense of humor or their tendency to let go and have fun. However, this video features four State Troopers on the last day of the state fair driving around, in what looks like a golf cart, lip syncing ‘Summer Nights’ from the movie ‘Grease.’

From Florida Cops playing basketball with children on the street, after responding to a noise complaint, to Illinois Officers having a water gun fight with kids in the summer heat. It is really inspiring to see officers of law taking time out of their busy schedule to spend some time with the community or as seen in this video trying to bring a smile on the faces of onlookers. Especially when racial tensions are high and there seems to be a police brutality case every other day in the news it is nice and refreshing to see videos such as this. Videos like this illustrate that Police Officers are in fact humans as well.

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