4 Brothers Wrote This Heartbreaking Song In 1989. When They Sing It Live On TV — Amazing!!

You might know The Statler Brothers. They are one of the popular country band of 1960s. Even though they are also known for their gospel songs, they have many country music hits as well; one of them being this song in the video below. They performed this classic hit during a live performance in a television show. The title of the song they performed was “More Than A Name On A Wall”.

Before 1963, The Statler Brothers weren’t a band. All of the band members started off as the back vocals of the legendary Johnny Cash. But in 1963, these four talented young singers decided to form of band of their own and they definitely succeeded on winning everyone’s heart with their own single albums. This song featured in the video below is one of their most popular country hit which was released in 1989.

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