Helpless Deer Was Stuck In An Icy Lake. What This Deaf Man Did For Him? I’m Moved!

When Steven Peterson, 50, was driving on the bridge nearby, he spotted a deer who was trapped in the frozen Kettle River alongside Interstate 35 in Pine County. He instantly got off his car and walked towards the deer to help him. After the rescue, he recorded this heartwarming video along with the rescued deer in the background.

Because our incredible rescuer Peterson is a hearing-impaired and also a mute, we see him explaining the rescue in American Sign Language. According to him, he knew the struggles he would have to make to communicate with police, so instead of calling 911 he tried to rescue deer on his own. Later Peterson named this deer ‘Miss Ice River’.

Watch this video below. What would you do in his situation? Drop your thoughts in the section below!

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