He Heard A Panicked Tweeting Of A Bird. But What He Found When He Rushed To The Scene? WHOA!

Over the years, we have come to hear about a lot of rescue stories of helpless animals. I think we can all agree that heroes don’t necessarily have to wear capes to do something good. The man in this video is named Nelson Wilson, and he is one of such heroes. This older gentleman got everyone’s attention with what he did in the clip.

A little finch got stuck on a metal piping near to a water heater. The bird in that frigid temperature, had gone there to take a drink. Nelson heard the panicked tweeting of the bird and immediately rushed to its rescue. He scooped the bird in his hand to prevent further injury and then started blowing his warm breath over its frozen feet. Wilson finally freed the helpless bird, and his rescue work is being appreciated by millions on the internet.

Watch this video below! What did you think of Nelson’s brilliant idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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