Giant Dog Gives Dad A HUGE Hug. But It Was What Followed Next That Left Me SMITTEN!

Sully the St. Bernard featured in the video below LOVES dad. But what he absolutely can’t do is let go of dad when he has laid a huge hug for him in bed. St. Bernards are the largest breeds of dogs on the planet; however, they are the cutest as well. Take this adorable St. Bernard in the video below for example! You’ll be in stitches to see this!

In the video below we see Sully giving his dad a huge hug in the bed. Apparently, dad just came back from work and Sully missed him so much that he couldn’t help but give dad a hug. But even when dad was trying to get back up on his feet, Sully didn’t let him go. He wanted to stay cuddled up with dad for rest of his day.

Watch this adorable video below. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts about this video in the comments below!

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