That Newborn Foal May Look Ordinary. But When You Know This Truth? Unbelievable!

This video below features a little foal who was born to be a star. You may know the Clydesdales, one of the most beautiful horses on this planet. They are really famous in the world. From decades they have been a part of and the family of the Budweiser Company. These horses are looked after and are trained to be a best of their kinds in order to be part of the Budweiser commercials. But this little fellow in the video below was destined to be a star from the moment he was born.

For the new Budweiser super bowl commercial, this little fellow was selected. Hope, this newborn foal may look ordinary, but he is a born star. He was featured in the Budweiser’s 2013 award-winning Super Bowl XL VII commercial entitled “Brotherhood” and his mom couldn’t be more proud.

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