In 1987, Patrick Swayze Got Onstage. But When The Music Began? Nobody Was Prepared For This!

Patrick Swayze is one of the biggest names in popular culture. He was a brilliant actor who starred in cult classics like “Dirty Dancing”. Who can forget the iconic moment when he carried Jennifer Grey into the air? What many people do not know about him is that he is multitalented. Swayze wasn’t just an actor—he was a gifted singer as well.

In this video, Swayze can be seen performing onstage at a show in Norway. This was for the TopPop show back in 1987, where he decided to sing “She’s Like The Wind”. I can’t imagine how he juggled mastering both singing and acting, but he sure did a great job with this one! It’s too bad that he passed away untimely, but his spirit still lives on!

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