She Asked Her Dad If He Knew He Had Alzheimer’s. But His Response? I Can’t Stop My SMILE!

Alzheimer’s Disease is a condition that affects the neurological system of the body. Sadly, it gets over as time. There is no cure for it, and patients suffering from it undergo loss in memory, mood swings and disorientation. As the disease worsens, they need help with daily things like walking and looking after themselves. The man in the following video, Norm, was also diagnosed the condition.

Norm’s daughter, Elaine, cares for him full time. They have not walked out of the house in over a year due to his illness. Elaine is part of an online group of dementia helpers, and they often ask questions and share their experiences. Norm was asked if he knew he had Alzheimer’s disease. Some people with Alzheimer’s don’t want to admit they have it, but not Norm. He was perfectly aware of it, and seemed to have accepted it as well. His sweet reply will melt your heart!

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