20 Years Ago, He Saved This Crocodile’s Life… Now Watch What The Croc Does When He Sees Him!

Internet is full of astonishing and inspiring stories from all over the world. This particular video below features the story from Costa Rica and it is about the friendship between a wild giant crocodile and a man.

20 years ago, a man named Chito Shedden found an injured crocodile on the banks of the Parasmina River in Costa Rica. Apparently, a farmer had shot the crocodile and left him to die. At first Chito thought that the croc was dead, but when he examined he was quite alive. Chito couldn’t leave the croc on that situation and took him in.

Chito, for several days took care of the croc and nursed him back to health. Then they became best friends and he even named the croc Pocho. After Pocho recovered from the injuries, Chito tried to release him back to the river. However, the very next day, Chito found Pocho resting at his veranda. Then he decided to keep him. As it was not legal to keep wild animals without permission, Chito soon enough got the permission from the Minister for Environment and the aid of a veterinarian.

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