This CREEPY Man Walks Onstage. But When He Takes THIS Out Of His Bag? I LOST IT!

Anyone would be baffled if they saw a man walking with a tape on his mouth. Well… something similar happened during America’s Got Talent 2016 auditions. A participant walked onstage with a tape on his mouth and would not talk to the judges. Even though he was asked his name, he did not open his mouth. He wanted to show his performance rather than to chit chat.

So when he put away the mic, as he was obviously not using it, and took out his props from the bag, everyone was left in stitches. He pulled out a pair of oven mitts from his backpack, and put them on as the music began. And the moment he started his performance, everyone was quite clear what he was trying to do. Judges thought this man was incredible and even Simon praised him for his originality.

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