This Pup Fell Into A Puddle Of Hot Tar. Wait Till You See How The Rescuers Saved His Life…Oh my!

The video below is probably one of the most powerful rescues you will ever chance upon. You won’t be able to hold back you teats when you see this for yourself! A dog fell into a puddle of hot tar somehow. The tar dried and solidified and he just couldn’t handle it himself. He was forced to the ground and was unable to move. Thankfully a passerby saw his ordeal and called Animal Aid Unlimited.

Animal Aid Unlimited a rescue organization that acts as a shelter and also provides hospital services to wounded animals suffering on the streets. A rescue team from the organization reached the scene to help the poor animal. If they had been even a bit late, the pup wouldn’t have made it. It took more than three hours over two days of hard work to get all the tar off his body!

Watch this beautiful rescue below! What are your thoughts about it? Let us know them in the comments!

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