Baby Goat Learns To Hop For The First Time… And It Is The SWEETEST Thing You’ll EVER See!

Babies are always adorable. No matter what species they are from, all of the little ones are always the cutest. Baby goats are no exception as well. They are energetic, cuddly, and innocent and most of them all the way they hop is really sweet. This tiny baby goat is learning how to hop for the first time and what he does when he finally learns it will leave you smitten! Warning, this video contains a lot of cuteness!

According to this video, this little goat’s name is Johnnie. He was brought in the house of one of his caretakers because his mom denied feeding him and his siblings. As a result, all of his siblings died and Johnnie was left with no one to take care of. So, Johnnie is now bottle-fed by his caretaker. And in this video below, Johnnie is learning how to hop with his owner and it is just too adorable!

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