Their Favorite Toy Is At The Bottom Of The Pool. What They Do To Get It Back? UNBELIEVABLE!

It is said that dogs do everything and anything to get their hands on their favorite toys and treats. We have seen far too many videos to prove this fact. They even go as far as to steal their favorite toys; be it from their siblings or even stores. Wait till you see what this pair of bulldogs do to get their hands on their toy at the bottom of the pool.

These bulldogs in the video below wanted to play with their favorite toy, i.e. a tire. But apparently, it was at the bottom of the pool. As soon as dad let these two dogs out in the yard, they rushed towards the pool and started to make a plan to get the tire to the surface. At first they inspected the depth of the pool and then one of the bulldogs jumped right into the water. But what followed next? You won’t believe your eyes.

Their team work will definitely below your mind. What do you think about it? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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