Camera Catches A Woman Sitting With 2 Horses. But What Follows Next? That Is AMAZING!

Horses are wonderful creatures. We share a special bond and a wide history with these majestic creatures. Who wouldn’t love to keep them? We have seen far too many videos on the internet to know how much we adore and respect these animals, and this video below is one of them.

This video below features a really unbelievable bond between a trainer from Showisi and her horses. This trainer’s name is Stefanie Stocker and this woman shows us how humans can have a really affectionate relationship with their horses. Just look at her play and lay around with her beautiful horses. PhD. Student Stefanie grew up around horses from a very young age in Siegburg. It may be the reason why she feels really connected with the horses.

Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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