This POWERFUL Rendition Of “The Prayer” Left Me In Goosebumps. But Wait Till SHE Joins In!

“The Prayer” is one of the most famous songs of Andrea Bocelli. Even though Bocelli released this single in Italian language in his first album, his duet version of this song with Celine Dion became very popular throughout decades. The duet won a lot of awards and is still praised by millions of people for its beautiful tune and wonderful singers.

Till now there has been a lot of versions of this song. However, most of us might like original the best. I was the same, until I heard this live rendition. During a concert in Seattle, Tori Kelly joined Andrea Bocelli for this wonderful rendition of “The Prayer” and won millions of heart. This is my new favorite cover of this song. I am sure you’ll love it too!

Watch this video below and drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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