Celine Dion STUNS Everyone With Her Voice. But When HE Joins In For A Duet, I CANNOT Breathe!

This video below features an amazing rendition of the famous song “The Prayer”. This song was originally recorded by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. It was featured on Celine’s 1999 Christmas album, “These Are Special Times”. Everyone loved this song; so much so that it went on to win a Golden Globe, an Academy Award and a Grammy.

However, in this following video we see Celine Dion joining in for a great rendition of this song with Josh Groban. They performed this duet in order to celebrate World’s Children’s Day in 2002. As you might probably know, this song has proved to be a lucky on for Josh as it was this song which gave him a chance to shine in the music industry. As the story goes, Andrea couldn’t make it for a rehearsal and Josh was invited to take his place. Josh Groban was quite young that time but he no doubt left everyone stunned with his voice.

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