Ellen Invited This 3 Yr Old On Her Show. But WHAT She Asks Her To Do Next Left Me SCREAMING!

Emma is not your regular three year old. While the kids her age are probably eating glues and playing with toys, she is up and has already decided on her future career. She is a born talent and her parents only realized it when they sent her to a gymnastic class in attempts to decrease her clumsiness. But as it turned out, Emma was a natural and within weeks, she mastered a lot of techniques of gymnasiums.

Mom managed to capture Emma’s routine and uploaded it on the social media. That is where Emma found her fame. She already has thousands of followers in Instagram which ultimately got her a chance to be invited on Ellen DeGeneres Show. On this show as well, Emma left her audiences in shock with her performance.

Even Ellen was taken aback by Emma’s talent. What do you think about Emma and her talent? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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