I Was Smitten When This Toddler Sang “Amazing Grace”. But Then? I Was Not Ready For This Surprise!

Even though children keep doing amazing stuffs, they can get so random and unpredictable. So, even if you have a right technology, capturing such moments at the right time is not that easy. But it seems like this daddy was very lucky as he was able to capture this wonderful moment of his 17 months old daughter right at the spot.

When daddy asked this little girl to sing she started singing “amazing grace”, and it is the most adorable thing you would ever see. But it was not all that she was capable of doing. As she was on a great mood, she dropped in a great surprise for her daddy. The fact that she knew all the lyrics of the song is in itself amazing, but to do this too? Well… she is a talented for sure!

I was totally shocked at what this little girl did next. Were you? Share your thoughts with us through your comments below.

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