This Toddler Troubles This Pup In The Most HILARIOUS Manner. I Can’t Stop Laughing! OMG!

What do you get when you put an adorable baby and a cute pug together? Unlimited cuteness and laughter! This amazing video shows a very special yet funny moment between a pug and a baby. The little baby in the video is seen stealing the pug’s bed and it seems like she knows that too.

The pug however seems quite annoyed with all this. He loves his bed and doesn’t want anyone to sit on it. But the little baby forcefully gets on it and this somewhere isn’t going good with the pug. What he does then? This will leave you rolling on the floor.

I had never seen anything as cute as this. I still can’t believe the pug reacted that way. How did you feel seeing this interaction and moreover the pug’s reaction? We would love to hear from you!

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