Toddler Had A Bizarre Dream. But When She Starts Explaining It To Her Mom? You’ll Get Chills!

Two-year-old Lilly woke up from a bizarre dream and immediately headed towards her mom’s room. She started knocking and talking at the door. According to Lilly’s mother, Chelsea, her daughter spoke with utmost urgency repeating, “Something’s coming! Something’s coming!” Later that day, when Lilly was explaining her dream, Chelsea got her camera ready to record the whole thing.

Chelsea believes that her daughter isn’t making this stuff up. She also states that she didn’t teach her any of this. In the end, Lilly bows three times, which is said to be the number God uses for confirmation. The very next day, the little girl, said to her mom again, “Mama, open up, because GOD is coming,” and then she went on to knock on the wall three times.

Watch the video. What did you think of this whole incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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