THIS May Looks Like A Normal Portrait Of The American Flag. But Take A Closer Look! IMPOSSIBLE!

When 17 year old high school student Jacob Feazel was given a school project to make a portrait of the US Flag, he went overboard. He did not just make a simple portrait, but did something even more incredible. But never did he expect his project to go this viral on the internet!

At a first glance it might look like a normal US flag, but with a closer look you will see something incredible; it is made out of 4,466 toy soldiers. Yes… you heard me right! It took Jacob 56 hours over 11 days to spray paint each one, using 20-30 cans of paint and glue them to a wooden platform which is four by six feet. He got a straight A+ for the project but he has even greater plan for this project. He intends to enter it for a scholarship competition!

What an amazing art piece, don’t you agree? Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us via comments!

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