It Looks Like A Dreadful Avalanche. But You’ll NEVER Believe What It ACTUALLY Is! Awesome!

Nothing is better than playing in the snow. However, too much snow can cause harm to our daily lives. It is almost impossible to get to work or school whenever there is heavy snowfall and even day after the snowfall the road is filled with snow and it is too difficult to get through it. Even cars get stuck in the snow and it is hard to clear the way. However, as for the trains large snow piles are now big deal!

This video below features a train from Canadian National Railway, Salisbury, New Brunswick. A man captures this train swiftly overpowering the snow pile in the railway track. At the first look, it almost looks like it is a giant snow monster or a huge avalanche. But with a closer look, you can almost see its red front and hear the engine.

Check out this awesome clip below. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!

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