Adorable Twins Are Having The Most Hilarious Conversation Ever. I Am Smiling Ear To Ear!

Internet dig baby videos. And why wouldn’t it? Babies are the best thing that can happen to any human (and animals of course). They don’t cease to amaze us adults. This video below also features one of the most adorable moments of babies and it will just leave you smitten.

Roy Johannink was just playing with his twins Merle and Stijn, when suddenly he caught them having a conversation in their baby language. Of course we cannot exactly understand what these twins are talking about, but watching their communication nonetheless makes one smile from their heart. Dad Roy was so infatuated by this moment that he lost no time and started recording this incredible moment. I am so glad that he shared this amazing moment with the world.

That is so precious. Don’t you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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