They Gave Their Twins Some Marshmallows. Now Watch How These Babies React…

Marshmallows are an awesome treat. You can basically do anything you want with them; relax around a campfire, skewer them, make s’mores, toast them, make desserts! The list is endless and the possibilities are exciting! Just about everyone I have met seems to love them!

Even adults are crazy when it comes to marshmallows, so what can we really say about kids?! Marshmallows are whipped sugar candies to be precise, so they are ultimately candies in the end…the kids would just gobble them all up if they had the chance. Like the adorable twins in the video below! Adelyn and Sarah love marshmallows and they just can’t resist it!

Watch them in the video below! Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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