She Is Just 9… But When You Hear Her Sing THIS Classic It? I Can’t BELIEVE My Ears!

Angelina Jordan made history when she won Norway’s Got Talent; she was just eight years old back then. She is an old soul and has a really iconic voice. Her talent soon enough was recognized by the entire world and now she is not just enthralling the people in her home country but also everyone in the world. She was even invited by Steve Harvey in his famous show “Little Big Shots”.

In this video below, we see Angelina Jordan yet again performing a marvelous song. This performance was shown on the television show “Lindmo” in 2015 in her home country Norway. For this performance, she sang “Unchained Melody” and it is just groundbreaking. Even though I have heard her songs countless times, I just can’t get enough of her voice.

Did you like this performance? Watch this video below and drop your thoughts via comments!

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