5 Yr Old STUNS The Crowd When She Plays THIS On Her Drums. OMG… Unbelievable!

When 5 year old Eduarda Henklein Baterista stepped onstage, everyone was shocked. She was so little and looked so fragile, yet she stood in front of a massive drum. She intended to play it, but no one could believe their eyes. Eduarda is a girl who stumped the society’s presumptions that a girl cannot play drums; or drums are “men’s” instrument. You’ll be out of your breathe when you see what she plays next!

Some people have to work hard to achieve something, while others have a natural talent. Eduarda definitely belongs to the later. She is just 5, yet she is already a prodigy who has gone viral in the internet. She is definitely going to places. Wait till you watch her play the legendary song by Van Halen in her drums!

Watch this video below. Were you enthralled? Let us know in the comments!

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