Blind Singer Stepped Onstage To Sing. But The Moment He Started, I Was Left DRYING My Tears!

I have always been amazed by the participants of The Voice. Every one of them is fantastic and always succeeds to impress the judges and the audiences with their voices. However, this video below features a participant who will leave you with goosebumps and in tears with his life’s story.

Vernon Barnard was born with glaucoma, but he could still see reasonably well. Unfortunately, he lost his sight and undertook 16 operations before turning five years old. However, despite his disability and the struggles he had to go through his life, he didn’t let it dampen his passion for singing. So to fulfill his dream, Vernon came for an audition of The Voice and sang “Story of My Life” by One Direction. He left everyone stunned and judge Bobby crying his eyes out.

Watch this video below. Did this touch your heart? Let us know via comments!

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