His Old VHS Tapes Are Getting Rusty. What He Does With It? I Never Knew About This Before!

It is safe to say that 21st century is the world of technology. Now a days everything is digitalized; from the books to your wallet. You can surf unlimited videos and audios in the internet, and you really don’t need to keep your collections in big piles of disks or tapes. However, not too long ago there was a time when VCRS and VHS ruled our lives. And I guess most of us still have our precious videos on the VHS tapes which have probably collected dust by now.

So what to do with those VHS tapes? Obviously you can’t throw it out as they are more precious than that. But you can’t just keep it in the storage room. If you are in the same dilemma like me, then this video below is the one for you. This man shows us a perfect way to tranfer our VHS tape contains into our computers.

Watch this video below. Will you be trying it out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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