Man Came Onstage With A BIZARRE Body Suit. When He Starts Doing THIS, Even Simon Is Shocked!

Throughout years, we have seen a lot of amazing performances in America’s Got Talent. This video below is one of them! It features the audition of Ukranian-American Viktor Kee. He is a really talented man and he is a real deal. Even Simon was quite impressed by Viktor’s performance. Wait till you see the performance yourself.

However, when Viktor first walked on the stage, everyone was baffled by his body suit. Howie Mandel immediately questioned his costume choice with a confused, “What are you wearing? Are you wearing something up there?” Well, apparently this suit was a very important part of his performance. He is a juggler and his performance is the combination of juggling and dance routine.

Watch Viktor Kee’s performance in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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