Researchers Have Discovered The Song That Reduces Anxiety. What It Is? WHOA!

Mental illnesses are not given enough importance or attention as physical ailments. Having a mental illness is still quite taboo, so people usually don’t open out about it. Anxiety is very common these days among all age groups, but is especially rampant among the younger generation. They have access to all sorts of technology that seems straight out of the future, but sometimes, it does them more harm than good.

Rachael Dove, author of Anxiety: The Epidemic Sweeping Through Generation Y, says the growth in technology, changes in parenting styles and strict exam-centered school systems are to be blamed for this generation’s anxiety problems.

Having too much choice also adds to the angst. Research shows that those who don’t have the privilege of having much choice are stronger and more resilient. They can blame circumstances for their shortcomings, while those with choices have nobody else to blame but themselves.

As anxiety becomes more common in the population, various methods are being developed to cambat it. Researchers at Mindlab International are studying the effects of various kinds of music on stress and anxiety. According to their research, the song “Weightless” reduces the subject’s anxiety by 65% even while performing stressful tasks.

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