He Was Filming This White Peacock. But When The Camera Zoomed In, I Was Left Staring!

As many other male species, peacocks are more beautiful and enchanting than their female counterparts. They are bestowed with eye-catching colorful feathers which they use to attract peahens. But this peacock featured in the video below is totally different from other peacocks in the whole world. It is not your normal peacock, but it definitely is the most mesmerizing on this earth.

This bird in the following video suffers from rare birth defect called ‘leucism’. Because of this genetic mutation, this peacock has completely snow white feathers rather than colorful ones. Even though this peacock is different than rest of his flock, he is still proud of his feathers and beauty. That is why he displays his magnificent feathers in front of the camera and other spectators.

That is the most beautiful peacock I have ever seen in my life. Did you like this? Don’t forget to write us your opinions in the comments section below!

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