THIS Is The Reason Why You Should NEVER Put A Kid With A Winter Coat In A Car Seat. I Never Knew!

When in winter, it seems only natural to snuggle up your kids in the back seat along with their fluffy and warm jackets. But is it really a good idea? According to TODAY national’s reporter Jeff Rossen, you are making a grave mistake and you are putting your kids in danger. He shows every parent this dramatic crash test video to prove his point!

Apparently, it is a great disaster when you put your kid buckled up in the car seat along with the puffy coat. When you think your kid is safe and tightly buckled up, in reality he/she is not. Because of the puffiness of the jacket, the seat belt is still lose and hardly protects your child. So in order to save your child from tragedy, you have to fasten him up in the car seat without his coat. And if you are worried that he may be cold, you can just put the coat over him or, even better, use a blanket.

Every parent should watch this! Have you been making the same mistake? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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