This War Veteran Has PTSD. But You’ll Find It Hard To Believe To See A Wolf Do THIS To Him!

Most of the veterans who have served in war are found to have experienced the symptoms of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a very serious condition. It can make you hallucinate, it creates sleep deprivation and it has risk of the patient falling in clinical depression. Most of the veterans who suffer from PTSD seek help from therapy dogs or horses. However, this video below shows a different yet effective approach to the therapy.

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Lockwood Valley, California has been providing Warriors and Wolves programs for the veterans with PTSD for years now. All the animals, i.e. 40 wolves in this institutes are rescues and used to help veterans with PTSD to overcome their disorder. The co-founder of this institute is a veteran himself and he knows what these veterans and wolves exactly need; companionship.

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