Young Woman Smacks A Police Horse. But Wait Till You See What The Horse Does Next. AMAZING!

What do people have to gain by harming animals? Do they do it to show their dominance over another living being? Whatever the reason, people should by now realize that hurting animals is not a thing to be proud of. The woman in the video for some reason slapped a police horse in Kingston, Ontario during the Queen’s University Homecoming. But she was soon about to regret her actions!

The woman smacks the police horse on the rear and turns around to escape from the scene. Just then, the horse kicks her causing her to fall face-first to the ground. The woman then, holding her face, makes her way through the crowd. That will teach her never to hit an animal again!

The horse that she hit was slapped three times during the homecoming festivals. Two men and one woman were charged. The police department in Kingston didn’t reveal if the woman in the video was being charged. According to the new law, it is illegal to slap a police horse. The suspects if found guilty may have to spend up to five years in prison!

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