His Late Owner’s Family Sold The House & Left Him Behind…But Wait Till You See What Happened Then

Hope for Paws received information about a stranded dog that had been living all alone for almost a year after his owner passed away. His owner’s death caused a great change in his life. The owner’s family sold the house and left the dog behind to fend for himself. He was abandoned and for an entire year, and the poor thing lived under a shed nearby hoping for his owner’s return.

The neighbors sympathized and left him some food and water every now and then. They waited for someone to come and save the pooch. And that’s when Hope For Paws stepped in and made a beautiful rescue. Finally after a year of grief and pain, Woody will be receiving all the love in the world. This video also wants to remind you to include your pets in your will or trust to make sure they have a loving place to go to after your demise.

Watch Woody’s rescue in the video below and let us know your thoughts about this clip in the comments!

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