Mother Zebra Suddenly Collapses, But Keep Your Eye On What’s Happening Under Her Tail. WOW!

Motherhood: A beautiful and unique gift bestowed upon mothers of all species. Though the process of child birth may be painstakingly long and painful the outcome is sure to bring a tear of joy to anyone’s face. The Video shows a Zebra of the Tanzanian zoo giving birth to a foul.

In the beginning of the video we can see the zebra having trouble standing and walking. There is also something sticking out from beneath its tail which can’t be seen clearly. After a few moments of struggle the Zebra collapses on the floor. The angle from which the video is taken then reveals the truth. A foul weighing close to 70lbs is birthed by the Zebra. As soon as it gives birth, the mother instincts of the Zebra kick in. We can see the Zebra licking and cleaning its new born foul. The Zebra standing close beside the foul alert and protective, after the foul has learnt to stand and walk, is really the epitome of motherhood and motherly love.

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