This Looks Like A Normal Painting Of A Man… But Take A Closer Look. FASCINATING!

Art is the best medium to express one’s feelings and emotions. Even though traditionally, painting on canvas or paper and sculptures were only taken as the form of art. But with the passing time, people have been able to introduce new forms of art. String art is one of them. It is a form of art which uses thread and nails to create abstract or concrete masterpieces. Its root can be traced back to 1960s.

In the following video, we will be able to see the masterpiece by a Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palahniuk. He makes the portrait of Justin Timberlake but the size of the painting is just unbelievable. He uses 24 kilometers of thread, 13 thousand nails and dedicates 200 hours to create this fantastic art piece.

Watch this incredible masterpiece in the following video. Were you enthralled by this? Let us know in the comments!

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