THIS Is The Most JAW DROPPING Version Of “Hallelujah” I’ve EVER Heard. Wait Till You Hear It!

We all love Leonard Cohen’s classic hit Hallelujah. Since it was first recorded and released in 1984, there have been thousands of covers of this song. Most of the modern and classic artists have tried their hands on covering this song. However, there is nothing like the original – or so I thought until I watched this incredible rendition.

During the X Factor 2008, the fifth season, Alexandra Burke took the challenge and delivered her outstanding rendition of this classic hit. She not just put her vocal skill to use but enthralled the world with their awesome vocals. Half way through the song and I was already covered in serious goosebumps. And by the end, she received a standing ovation which she totally deserved.

Watch this groundbreaking performance in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!

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